There will be 24 rounds, 12 at each venue. Each round will feature an 11pt knockout format. If more than 16 players later rounds may be reduced to 7 or 9pts.

Fixed brackets

Points will be awarded as follows:

Main event match win = 1pt - Consolation event winner = 1pt

The player with the most points in each league will be the winner.


Registrations by 11.55am - Tournament commences at 12.00pm

Legal moves only

Tournaments will use UKBGF rules

Clocks - Due to the increased attendance at both Bradford and Manchester events often leading to more than 16 players, we feel it is necessary to introduce a clock preference ruling for 2016. This is not intended to ‘rush’ or ‘pressurise’ players, merely to prevent tournaments over-running. An 11-point match on average should be completed within 2 hours. Use of standard clock will not shorten this time.

Bradford & Manchester Monthly (Pennine) tournaments will now be clock preference · A player may insist that the match is played using a game clock (provided that one is readily available) · The Tournament Director may request that a match is played using a game clock at any time provided that a game clock is available. · In any Tournament the players are obliged to play the remainder of a match in progress using a game clock, if a game clock is available and the Tournament Director makes such a ruling · Standard clock settings will be used (2 minutes per game + 12 seconds per move e.g 11-point match = 22 minutes + 12 seconds per move)

If any additional rulings are required then these will be handled by the Tournament Director and selected experienced players at the tournament.