There will be 24 rounds, 12 at each venue. Each round will feature an 11pt knockout format. If more than 16 players later rounds may be reduced to 7 or 9pts.

Fixed brackets

Points will be awarded as follows:

Main event match win = 1pt

The player with the most points in each league will be the winner.

Tie Breakers

1. Most events won
2. Best win percentage
3. Most attendances


Registrations by 11.25am - Tournament commences at 11.30am

Legal moves only

Tournaments will use UKBGF rules

Results of matches are included in the  UKBGF's   ranking system

Clocks - Bradford & Manchester Monthly (Pennine) tournaments will now be clock preference · A player may insist that the match is played using a game clock (provided that one is readily available) · The Tournament Director may request that a match is played using a game clock at any time provided that a game clock is available. · In any Tournament the players are obliged to play the remainder of a match in progress using a game clock, if a game clock is available and the Tournament Director makes such a ruling · Standard clock settings will be used (2 minutes per game + 12 seconds per move e.g 11-point match = 22 minutes + 12 seconds per move)

Baffle Box - optional.  Both players must agree to using a baffle box

Players who do not complete a tournament i.e. withdraw before losing a match will lose any accrued Pennine Trophy points for that event (max 2 points per tournament) and have a loss recorded. This is ensure that all players respect monthly events as well as the annual Pennine Trophy and that players don’t enter just to maintain their position in the Manchester/Bradford/Pennine Trophies.

If any additional rulings are required then these will be handled by the Tournament Director and selected experienced players at the tournament.