West Yorkshire Backgammon Open 2022


The tournament is open to all players. Places will be given on a "first come, first served basis"

Tournament will use rules

Legal moves only

Clocks - clock preference is applied.   If either player wishes to use a clock, and one is available, the match is played on the clock.
Tournament Director retains the right to impose a clock, either from outset or part-way through any match which is threatening to delay the tournament.
Clock Settings -  2 mins per game + 12 secs per move e.g 11-point match = 22 mins + 12 secs per move

Any breach of the rules for starting times and breaks may result in penalty points. If a player is not present and has not started the match 5 minutes after the starting time or after the end of the permitted break, one penalty point may be awarded. Subsequently a further penalty point may be awarded for each subsequent 5 minute delay. When a player has been awarded penalty points corresponding to more than half of the length of the match, such player shall be deemed to have won the match. ​

If any additional rulings are required then these will be handled by the Tournament Director(s) and selected experienced players at the tournament​


Our Sponsors

Voted Board Manufacturer of the year at the 2019 UKBGF awards.

Tournament Director - Steve Lee

Contact email - steve@westyorkshirebackgammon.co.uk