West Yorkshire Backgammon Open 2020

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To be held online at BG Studio Heroes

October 23rd - 25th 2020

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Friday 23rd October 6pm Optional warm up event

Single elimination KO format. 5/7/9 point matches dependant on number of entries.

Link     http://westyorkshirebackgammon.co.uk/WYOonlinewarmup.html


Saturday 24th October 10.30am


Main qualification event - 5 x 7 point randomly drawn matches to establish a ranking table whereby the top 16 will qualify for the KO stage.

Should we have an odd number of players one lucky player in each round will receive a “bye” win.

Default start times are as follows:-

Round 1 – 10.30am,  Round 2 – 12pm,  Round 3 – 1.30pm, Round 4 – 3pm, Round 5 – 4.30pm

However, matches can be started earlier if both players are available and agree.

In the event of play offs being required these will commence at 6pm
You must play all 5 matches even if you lose the first 3 or 4 as it can impact the ranking table. Any player not complying will forfeit their place in the consolation/last chance and will not be invited to any future tournaments that I run
Link     http://westyorkshirebackgammon.co.uk/WYOonlinequalifiers.html


Saturday 24th October 7pm


Non consultation Doubles KO event - Single elimination KO format. 7-point matches.

Entry fee £10 per team. Limited to a maximum of 16 teams on a first come, first served basis.

Teams must nominate a captain who will be player 1 (for possible play off instances)

Following a random draw for round one and in each subsequent round (unless there are byes) there will be 2 matches. Player 1 from each team will play against Player 2. If one team wins both matches, they proceed to the next round. If each team wins one match the captains will play each other to determine the winners.

Match lengths will be 7 points (except play off matches which will be 3 points)

Link     http://westyorkshirebackgammon.co.uk/WYOonlinedoubles.html


Sunday   25th October 11am


Main KO event - Single elimination KO format. Top 16 players from the qualification event. 11 point matches

Link     http://westyorkshirebackgammon.co.uk/WYOonlinemainKO.html


Consolation KO event - Single elimination KO format. Next 16 players from the qualification event. 9 point matches

Link     http://westyorkshirebackgammon.co.uk/WYOonlineconsolation.html


Last Chance KO event - Single elimination KO format. Remaining players from the qualification event. 7 point matches

Link     http://westyorkshirebackgammon.co.uk/WYOonlinelastchance.html


Reporting results


Winner must report result within 10 mins of finishing a match. For those of you that use WhatsApp please report on the group that I have invited you to. All others send sms to me on 07964 083551.


Prizes (100% return) and based on 64 players


Main                -           Winner £640 + trophy, Runner up £255 + trophy

Consolation     -           Winner £255 + trophy, Runner up trophy

Last Chance   -           Winner £130 + trophy, Runner up trophy

Doubles           -           Winners 100% of entry fees + trophies for winners and runners up

Warm up         -           Trophies for winner and runner up


Side Pools and Doubles fees


All side pools and/or doubles event that you have selected on the questionnaire must be paid by 21st October.

Should you qualify for the main KO any monies paid for consolation/last chance side pools will be refunded


Payment Options
1.   By online bank transfer to Santander, sort code 09-01-29, account no.  05071960


2.   By Paypal to stevelee@blueyonder.co.uk. Please ensure you select paying friend/family to avoid a 5% fee (Paypal charge this, not me).



Our Sponsors

Voted Board Manufacturer of the year at the 2019 UKBGF awards.

Tournament Director - Steve Lee

Contact email - steve@westyorkshirebackgammon.co.uk