West Yorkshire Backgammon Open 2020

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WY Open Main KO 11 points Date: Oct 25 2020
Round 1     11am Round 2    1pm Semi Finals    3pm Final    5pm
Richard Carter/Richard4001 Jamie Degabriele Tim Cross Tim Cross (Winner)
Jamie Degabriele/MaltaGammon
Simon Carter/Simonc1985 Tim Cross
Tim Cross/Timster
Rob Perry/Robacc Rob Perry Rob Perry
Sean Clennell/LondonGuy
Julia Hayward/JuliaH Chris Rogers
Chris J Rogers/keen2learn
Eli Nixey/Jubster23 Eli Nixey Oliver Squire Oliver Squire
Richard McQuillan/bananabar
Geoff Hall/Switch Oliver Squire
Oliver Squire/squireOshakes
Christoph Deiter/Bodukun Christoph Deiter Christoff Deiter
Simon Hopper/BGBoy
Nick Sandqvist/Nicksan Nick Sandqvist
Adrian Farthing/Ade67







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Tournament Director - Steve Lee

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