West Yorkshire Backgammon Open 2020

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WY Open Last Chance 7pts Date: Oct 25 2020
Round 1     11am Round 2     12pm Round 3     1pm Semi Final     2pm Final     3pm
Cynthia Roberts/chlchl65 Cynthia Roberts Daniel Molan Daniel Molan Martyn Hamer
Cecilia Sparke/Sparkie
Daniel Molan/4721 Daniel Molan
Paul Galley/Blotwarrior
Alex Hannam/AlexH Mike Ireland Maurice E
Mike Ireland/mri
Brendan Burgess/BrendanBurge Maurice Ekpenyong
Maurice Ekpenyong/Zengi32
Chris Humble/SkyDog Chris Humble Martyn Hamer Martyn Hamer
John Horton/tigereye37
Martyn Hamer/MerryHatMan Martyn Hamer
Simon Morecroft/sjm137
Vincent Nolan/2VN Gregge Madan Gregge Madan
Gregge Madan/stifflittlewing
Denby Pettitt/denbypettitt Denby Pettitt
Evan Williams/Evanmw 
Anna Clarke/fatgammon Anna Clarke Mike Shewry James Newman James Newman
Cristian Cozos/sultanul007 
Andy Boysan/brownthumb12 Mike Shewry
Mike Shewry/oldfogey
Anna Price/FishOutOfWater James Newman James Newman
James Newman/LuckSucker
Michelle Ford/Titch53 Michelle Ford
Gareth Thomas/gxt16
Dave Clifton/Dave167 David Sanders David Sanders Dave Pritchard
David Sanders/dsanders
  Roger Porter/Jabulani
  Dave Pritchard/Musonius Dave Pritchard
  Brian Lever/stratton






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Tournament Director - Steve Lee

Contact email - steve@westyorkshirebackgammon.co.uk